Tuck Top Auto Bottom

Tuck top auto bottom is one of the more popular styles of chipboard boxes because it allows for easy custom printing and quick assembly on the production line.Common uses are custom food packaging, retail packaging, cosmetics packaging, coffee packaging,  and tea packaging.

Both Side Tuck End

Both side tuck end box is glued with each end folding and locking on the same side. Commonly uses for vitamin packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, perfume boxes, soap boxes, and food packaging.

Rolled End Tuck Top

Rolled end tuck top is an unglued box that needs to be folded when assembled. Commonly

uses for  custom vitamin packaging, retail packaging, shipping packaging.

Rigid Set Up Box

Set Up Boxes or Rigid Chipboard Boxes are typically made from 2mm thickness Chip. Set Up Boxes are most commonly used for high end skin care, cosmetic packaging, chocolate box, jewelry packaging and garment packaging.